The Fishing dispute

The issue is that small Spanish fishing boats
have been operating in Gibraltar waters with
nets contrary to the local law, and refusing
to move on when asked by the Police.

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01-02-99 A map showing territorial waters
01-02-99 The situation 1991-96 by Joe Bossano
27-01-99 The Pirana is arrested
03-11-98 The Spanish 'Fishing Agreement'
17-10-98 The Fishing Vessels
10-10-98 Damage caused by nets
09-05-91 The Nature Protection Ordinance
13-10-98 Peter Caruana - Ministerial Broadcast
09-10-98 A Statement by The Governor
09-10-98 A Statement by The Governor
07-10-98 A Statement by the Chief Minister
15-09-98 A Statement by The Governor
26-03-98 A Statement by the Governor
13-03-98 The RGP launch being harassed by a helicopter

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