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In a dramatic turn, 14 Spanish fishermen abroad the fishing vessel Pirana were arrested at 1.10 am on the morning of the 27th in an operation involving Royal Gibraltar Police, Gibraltar Services Police and the Royal Navy Gibraltar Squadron.

At 4am this morning RGP confirmed that an incident had taken place just off Rosia Bay.

According to reliable sources, when they were boarded and arrested, the fishermen offered no aggressive resistance.

The incident comes just one day after fishermen from another vessel had pelted RGP officers with lead weights.
This is not the first time there has been tension with Pirana. Along with "Cabo Negro", the boat is a well known offender against environmental laws.

After arrest, the skipper and 13 others from the boat were being held in police cells. They had been arrested for obstructing the police and for fishing with nets.
The RGP had been monitoring the boat from 10pm on Tuesday the 26th. It is understood that other vessels in the area left the scene without becoming involved in the incident.
The "Pirana", a large steel built vessel which is equiped for deep sea fishing, was being held at Coaling Island early this morning.

It is not known when a Court appearance will take place. The fish seized, thought to be mainly mackerel, may be distributed to the hospital or the old people's home at Mount Alvernia.

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The Pirana held at Coaling Island

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