Gibraltar Tourist Offices

If you read The disclaimer you already know this is not an Tourist Office Web Site although a lot of the information has been taken from their excellent range of free brochures, available from the addresses shown below on request.

If you need any further information you can contact the Tourist Office on Email Feel free to tell them you liked my site, the UNOFFICIAL homepage.

If you don't like this site or you think I should add or change anything You can Tell me But don't ask me questions about tourism, they are the experts and get paid for it.

The photos on this site have been scanned from brochures or taken with my cheap digital camera, you are advised that there is nothing like coming to see the REAL THING yourself.


Gibraltar Information Bureau (London)
Arundel Great Court, 179 Strand, London,
WC2R 1EH Tel: + (44171)8360777

Gibraltar Information Bureau
Engineer Battery, 12b Rosia Road
Gibraltar Tel: Gibraltar (350) 74950

Gibraltar Information Centre
The Piazza, Main Street, Gibraltar
Tel (350) 74982
Four Corners, Winston Churchill Avenue
Tel:	(350) 50762

There are subsidiary offices at:
Air Terminal Building, Gibraltar Airport
Tel:	(350) 73026 (Airport information only)

Gibraltar Museum, 18-20 Bomb House
Lane, Gibraltar	Tel: (350) 74289
John Mackintosh Hall,	308 Main Street,
Gibraltar	Tel: (350) 75669


Whilst steps are being taken to meet the special requirements of some of our visitors, some of Gibraltar's major attractions face particular difficulties in providing access for those who are in wheelchairs. However, to compensate in some small measure for this, the Gibraltar Tourism Board has arranged for free access to these persons into the following sites:

Toilets for use by disabled persons are situated at Eastern Beach, Little Bay, Air Terminal, Market Place, Piazza and the International Commercial Centre at the northern entrance of Main Street. The Alameda Gardens will be opening toilets for visitors with special needs in the near future. Most taxis in Gibraltar are vanettes. There is however, a number of estates available. We hope that the friendliness, helpfulness and attention of local people can go some way towards compensating for any deficiencies in the physical provisions in buildings and amenities some of which are difficult to satisfactorily adapt. Legislation is now in place requiring all new public buildings to have facilities for the disabled.

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