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This web site - The Unofficial Gibraltar Homepage, is operated by Interlink Communications Limited, a non-profit making company registered in Gibraltar. This domain was registered in 1995 for use with our BBS and the initial website launched in 1997.

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The purpose of the website is to provide information and news about Gibraltar. If you have something to contribute to this site please Let us know
There is a Search facility available from the front page which will help you find anything not obvious from the index pages.
Errors If you feel anything is inaccurate or incomplete please Tell us it can be corrected promptly.
No effort is made to track users of this site apart from the usual logs; we consider that Cookies are an over exploited facility, and we don't set any, although sites we link to may.
we are
Some information has been provided by the Government of Gibraltar, BUT this is not an Official Government site and the views expressed are those of their respective authors and not necessarily those of the publisher -or- the Government of Gibraltar.
By using this web site you accept and agree exclusively to our terms of use. Use means accessing any computer readable material stored on this website or making any reference to it.

Information on commercial companies has been provided by those organisations themselves, and any correspondence should be sent to them directly.

In the case of certain material presented the copyright belongs to its authors as indicated. Unless otherwise specified, all material including but not limited to; web pages, images, audio clips and arangments of data is copyright Interlink Communications Limited.

You must ask for permission before reproducing anything from this site, or making any links to pages of this site. We prefer that you link to the front page of a particular section rather than to individual pages as these may change without notice.

Even where the material presented on this site is in the public domain we specifically prohibit copying and pasting information from this site onto other websites. All images and arrangements of data are copyright the publisher, 2008-2010 and may not be reproduced by, or linked to, websites using the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. Our images are available licencing.

Although every effort is made to ensure accuracy of material presented, neither Interlink Communications Limited nor any contributors to this website accept any liability for information provided, omitted, implied or any use of this website, whatsoever.

Money We are not asking for yours, and even if we had any, you stand no chance of ever seeing any of ours.
Complaints, requests for information by email which is clearly available on the site, legal threats, illegal threats, Junkmail, Nigerian communiques and MLM schemes should be sent Here please   Other inquiries can be sent via our Online Response Form Our lawyers assure us that they are bigger than your lawyers.

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