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During its protest at The Convent last week, to coincide with the Straw/Moratinos meeting in London, and in a subsequent press release, The VOGG expressed its concerns that Gibraltar related issues taken out of the EU context and dropped into the bilateral Brussels Agreement, will have serious repercussions for the MEPs elected to represent The Rock..

The reports emanating from the MacShane/Navarro meeting in Madrid, together with Moratinos latest statements, clearly indicate that the Spanish Government is more than prepared to wreck EU business unless Gibraltar is 'clobbered' in 'The Process'.
Anyone still teetering whether there is a need to condemn the
'mother of all done -deals' can do no better than analyse the
messages coming out of the Palacio de Santa Cruz and the pathetic
diplomatic rhetoric from the Foreign & Commonwealth Office.

Must Gibraltarians, once again, hold their breaths or keep their fingers crossed, in the hope that, finally, the UK Government decides to uphold its moral, political, legal and constitutional obligation, particularly The Rock's EU rights; or, as usual, will London acquiesce to Spanish whims and expectations. Telling the docile natives, after the fact, that it forgot to wear the belt that hold up its pants, will just not do.

It is imperative that the People of Gibraltar are not apathetic towards the forthcoming European elections. All prospective candidates, of whatever ilk, must be lobbied to ensure that Gibraltar is not 'burdened' with another, and possible final, fait accompli.


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