The Voice of
Press Release


The VOGG welcomes the news that the Chief Minister is finally meeting with Jack Straw.

No doubt, The Rock's political 'supremo' will impress, upon the Foreign Secretary, Gibraltar's wish to press on with The House of Assembly's constitutional reform proposals. It follows, that since these are incompatible with the latter's agenda on joint-sovereignty, especially now that he has acknowledged the result of the referendum, maximum effort must be exerted to have him rescind his policy statement of 12th. July 2002. Likewise, the opportunity must not be allowed to pass to prevail upon HMG to reconsider its position on the Brussels Agreement. Given that no solutions have been found to the everlasting problems, solely due to Spanish insistence on parallel advance on their anachronistic sovereignty claim, there is no reason to keep the process alive. A new arrangement for dialogue between all three parties, but 'guaranteeing Gibraltar's separate voice, would be advisable and should not be difficult to achieve, if there is goodwill all-round.

Everyone trusts that the Chief Minister will get HMG on board to assist with the legal action against the EU Commission's unfavourable decision on the tax reforms and convince the Ministry of Defence to exclude Gibraltar from any cuts in facilities and employment.

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