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Press Release

Considerations for the upcoming election

Now that the General Election is only a few days away, The Voice of Gibraltar Group welcomes the emphasis given, during the electoral campaign, to long-neglected internal issues. However, some of the messianic messages emanating from the Political Parties and the proverbial 'auction' of their respective 'goodies' are enough to prompt a resurrected Descartes to repeat: I think therefore I am.

Whilst in no way detracting from the urgent need to address the problems in local fabric and infrastructure, at the end of the day, Gibraltar's future will continue to be dominated by the spectre of Spanish aggression and British acquiescence. Therefore, the electorate must cast their votes wisely in the interest of the community as a whole and not for partisanship nor personal 'bids'. The 'done-deal' was derailed, but is only gathering dust on a shelf, waiting for it to be put back on track at the opportune moment.

The Group calls on the incoming members of the House of Assembly, not to mention all political parties, with or without representation, to unite in a common cause for self -determination and expend all their 'best endeavours' to press the U.K. Government to meet the following objectives:

- Respect for the Gibraltarians wishes and protection of their legitimate interests, as required under the present Constitution

- Rejection of the 'Spanish Dimension' philosophy replaced by a robust defence

- Revocation of Jack Straw's policy statement of 12th. July 2002

- Annulment of the Brussels Agreement

- UN Committee of 24 visit to the Rock

- Approval and implementation of constitutional reforms

- Legal actions where appropriate, particularly in the EU

- Referral to International Court of Justice.

Should the Rock's elected representatives hit a brick wall in respect of the afore- mentioned, then they must be prepared to take difficult, even painful decisions. No people(s), who have had to fight for their freedom(s), have achieved it without casualties or collateral damage. The Gibraltarians cannot be any different and must support their Government through ominous times. Flag-waving once or twice a year is not enough.

Finally, The Voice of Gibraltar Group hopes that the voters elect the party which not only has the best policies, but more important still, is capable of delivering its electoral 'promises'. Once the will of the People has been expressed, whoever is elected, must consider itself the government of all the Gibraltarians and these must respond in kind. Meanwhile, the Opposition is expected to provide strong, constructive and decisive criticism as that is the only 'checks & balances' Gibraltar's democratically-deficient system affords. Let no one forget that power is in the hands of the citizens and those in The House only hold it in trust for the people who elected them. The personalised mud-slinging of the past 12 years has to stop; it benefits no-one. Neither should the Rock become a wasteland of political discourse.

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