The Voice of
Press Release

24TH. September 2004.

The VOGG welcomes The Convent's prompt notification that there will be no Anglo-Spanish talks on Gibraltar until 'the autumn', whenever that may be.

Such kind consideration must be a first and it is hoped will set a precedent for the future, so that no-one will have to depend on the Spanish media for information on issues of paramount importance affecting The Rock. Therefore, it eagerly awaits a similar confirmation when a date is established.

Since Moratinos' piece in EL Pais, many are being carried away by the rhetoric of an 'utopia' in the making. At least, Snr. Zapatero 's references to Gibraltar in his address to the UN should enable some to stop and reflect. After all, the crux of his statement is that whilst prepared to listen to what the 'llanitos' have to say he hopes to conclude a bilateral deal with the UK. 'Una de cal y una de arena' as they say around these parts.

So, on 4th. October, talks or no talks, The VOGG will carry on with its vigil, at The Convent, as from 10 a.m. It will be an opportunity to remind HMG what is expected of it, 'new climate' or otherwise. Simply put - no talks on sovereignty and meaningful cross-border co-operation without any explicit, implicit, contingent or inherent conditions. Fingers crossed that the Spanish Premier will be listening.

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