The Voice of
Press Release

24TH. JUNE 2003.

Over the last few weeks the People of Gibraltar have heard, what appeared to be, 'encouraging' words from the new Governor and the Minister for Europe, duly confirmed by the Prime Minister in the Commons. However, now that the understandable but misplaced euphoria has died down and the underlying intentions are becoming clear, the Gibraltarians must not allow the status quo to fester into stagnation.

Whilst disappointed at the British Government's limited 'enlightenment', as far as what is not acceptable, The Voice of Gibraltar Group will now shift the impetus of its campaign to the attainment of the Rock's unalienable rights. The People of Gibraltar cannot wait another 'twenty-five to thirty years' just to go through the same anxieties all over again. The road to a permanent status, as a result of an act of self - determination, starts now!

Therefore The Group demands from the British Government a commitment to engage Gibraltar's elected representatives, political, economic and social forces in honest dialogue on the way forward. Otherwise, all the 'fine' words of late will be meaningless.

The People of Gibraltar expect no less than:

  • Retraction of Jack Straw's policy statement of 12 July 02

  • The end of the Brussels Process/no talks on sovereignty

  • A new status for the Rock in line with HoA constitutional proposals, integration, 4th. option or independence

  • Decolonisation through an act of self - determination

  • Upholding Gibraltar's legitimate rights in the EU

  • Legal proceedings against Spain in the EU, whenever necessary (e.g. telephones)

  • No more 'agreements' on Spanish EU vetoes against the Rock and the UK's best endeavours to overturn the present exclusions.

These are the foundations for any 'bridge - building' the Governor had in mind. Any less and he need not bother. The Gibraltarians have, to - date, 'paid' plenty for nothing and it is now time to decide what is worth 'paying' for. One thing is certain, the Rock and the Gibraltarians will never be Spanish, whether the neighbours continue to use the 'stick' or offer gold - plated 'carrots'

The Voice of Gibraltar Group eagerly awaits the visit of Dr. Dennis MacShane and hopes that the message he brings is compatible with the aspirations of the Gibraltarians. As has been the case with previous visits The Group will be both seen and heard on 4th. July.

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