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The VOGG is grateful to the local Liberal Party for the opportunity to meet with LibDem MEP candidate, Graham Watson and the delegation from Convergencia.

In the case of the latter, it was a renewal of old acquaintances, first established during The Group's protest in Barcelona, the day of the re-launch of the Brussels Process by Straw and Pique. After thanking its Catalan friends for all their support, The VOGG gave a summary of the problems encountered to-date and expectations for the future in the European Parliament.

A more formal conversation was had with Mr. Watson, who was immediately thanked for his Party's resolution on self - determination for Gibraltar. The Group stressed its main concern of having Gibraltar issues taken out of the EU context and dropped into the bilateral Brussels Process, thus making the elected MEPs redundant as far as the Rock's wishes and interests are concerned. To counteract this, it was suggested to Mr. Watson to exert his best endeavours to have all the seven Members share a unified policy or strategy on Gibraltar, over and above their own political affiliations. A denouncement of the Brussels Process can be the stating point. Additionally, with the increase in member states, all the elected to represent the Rock must always regard themselves as the representative(s) of the SW and, repeat, and Gibraltar. Mr. Watson accepted these as valid points and will work towards those aims.

The VOGG takes this opportunity to ask the People of Gibraltar to turn out en masse. After such a long struggle to achieve its enfranchisement, a massive turnout will send a clear signal to all those who tried, one way or another, to deny them their basic democratic right. At last, Gibraltar's voice will be heard at the heart of Europe.

Everyone should carefully consider who they vote for. Think positively, not just what is the lesser of a number of evils.

The Voice of Gibraltar Group

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