The Voice of
Press Release

21ST. MAY 2003

The Voice of Gibraltar Gibraltar Group condemns the MOD for its blatant discrimination in the allocation of tickets for the 'Bunton' concert, on the pretext of 'security'.

It must be the epitomy of arrogance and hypocrisy for the MOD to treat its local employees in this manner when these, together with everyone else in Gibraltar, is likewise exposed to the threats inherent in the presence of the military installations on the Rock.

This is another in a long line of disdainful affronts to the loyalty of all Gibraltarians and in particular, the MOD's local workforce.

The Group fully supports the stance taken by ACTS and offers its collaboration in any manner that the said union may see fit.

Even before his arrival, the incoming Governor is accumulating conflicts as if there was no tomorrow. First there was the Government & Opposition's reactions to his 'Patten' meeting. Then the Deputy - Governor asks the Spanish Authorities for clarification on the La Linea court judgement against the RGP, when everybody else in Gibraltar knows what exactly is happening and where it is leading. Now the MOD turns the clock back to the days before 'parity'.

There seems to be no respite in Gibraltar's challenges and The Voice of Gibraltar Group will be ever present in its campaign for respect of the Rock's legitimate and unalienable rights.

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