The Voice of
Press Release

19TH. JANUARY 2004.

True to form, Jose Maria Aznar vows that The Rock will 'one day be returned to Spanish sovereignty'. The word 'returned' epitomises the Spanish position and the British Government must take due note.

The Voice of Gibraltar Group does not share his view, nor, surely, do the majority of Gibraltarians. Even HMG accepts this is not possible without the consent of the people most affected.

Furthermore, Aznar sublimely describes the issue as a 'small problem'. God help everyone here if and when the Spaniards decide to up the stakes.

Undoubtedly, there is no hope in hell of 'Caiphas' Aznar, his 'Pharisees' at the Palacio de Santa Cruz , or the 'Sicarios' in the Spanish media, ever undergoing a conversion of the magnitude of St. Paul's on the road to Damascus, irrespective of how much HMG might cherish this.

Thus, The VOGG, whilst wishing Snr. Aznar a long-life, urges him to prepare for the inevitable meeting with his maker and commence the necessary arrangements for a 'memorable' sepulture at the Valle de los Caidos. There, in company with his mentor and the founder of La Falange, they can all turn in their graves until kingdom come.


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