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Press Release


On Thursday, Jack Straw meets his new Spanish counterpart Miguel Morantinos to reactivate the dialogue temporarily suspended after the November 2002 Referendum.

Notwithstanding all the subsequent suggestions of 'shelves', 'backburners' and 'long grasses', will the Foreign Secretary now produce his feather-duster, turn on the gas or apply the hover-mower, thus creating another period of uncertainty for the Rock?

On such occasions one has to guess what each will produce at the table. No doubt, Straw will remind the Spaniards that his Joint-Sovereignty Proposals are still there. Morantinos will say that that is a starting point, but the 'red-lines' must be negotiated. Who will give in ? Straw will mention, en passant, border queues, telephones and cruise liners; Morantinos will laugh and state once again that there can be no progress on these minor issues until such time as he achieves 'la hispanolidad' of Gibraltar.

The VOGG is clear in its mind that the result of these talks will be simply 'status quo' of more concessions to Spain, neither of which are acceptable.

The Group, consistent in its campaign, will therefore hold a vigil at The Convent on Thursday 20th. May as from 11 a.m.


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