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The latest statement from Miguel Alberto Diaz of Comisiones Obreras only serves to add him to the long list of Spanish politicians, officials, journalists and the rest who still find it difficult to grasp the realities of the Gibraltar issue.

Whilst most on the Rock yearn for 'normal' cross - border relations, he knows all too well where the impediments lie, i.e. his Government's refusal to contemplate any development in that direction unless accompanied by an advance in the sovereignty issue. Since this is totally anathema to the majority of Gibraltarians, they stoically grin and bear the consequences.

The frontier fence is described by Mr. Diaz as a symbol of the 'arguments of the past'. Did he fail to hear Mariano Rajoy's inaugural speech as Aznar's heir - apparent. All those 'arguments' are here to stay.

Consequently, the People of Gibraltar will continue to resist all attempts by the Spanish Government to annexe the Rock and the frontier fence is the totem of their resistance. When Mr. Diaz or anyone else convinces Madrid to exercise their 'true' democratic credentials and recognise the unalienable right of the Gibraltarians to determine their own future, then perhaps it will be the time to discuss such a proposition. In the meantime let this gentleman be reminded that the fence was erected on British territory and it's removal is a matter solely for the Gibraltar Authorities.

Mr. Diaz 'laments' the collapse of the Anglo - Spanish negotiating process, in other words, that the Rock is not half - Spanish. 187 people here might share his view, but over 18,000 do not and reiterated that conviction at the National Day rally. However, if his statement was meant as a subtle antidote against the unity shown on 10th. September, merely for consumption across the border, it holds no water on the Rock.

The Voice of Gibraltar Group, like many others in Gibraltar, have always considered Mr. Diaz a dignified interlocutor but unfortunately his contribution on this occasion just shows him up in his true colours; se le vio el plumero.


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