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Press Release

14TH. JANUARY 2004.


It has been a while since The Voice of Gibraltar Group has taken issue with Campo politicians over comments on Gibraltar. Mr. Carracao's latest statements warrant a reply.

Although, at first glance, there appears to be some semblance of reality in his exposes, the underlying message is still that of the well-worn Spanish position. What is it with these people, whether brought up singing 'Cara al sol' or the 'Internationale', they just cannot understand what it's all about.

Nobody in Gibraltar denies the desirability and benefits of a 'normal' cross-border relationship. However, never at the expense of the Gibraltarians' unalienable rights, nor as a sacrifice on the altar of Anglo-Spanish 'entente cordiale'. Mr. Carracao can rest assured that The Rock will never be Spanish because of the relations with or circumstances of Gibraltar and the hinterland, nor anybody's 'generosity'. Perhaps the gentleman can explain why he believes that the well-being of the area, he hankers for, cannot be attained with a Gibraltar secure in a status of its own choosing.

Many may well brush aside Mr. Carracao's assertions on constitutional reforms are a mere folly. But do not past experiences indicate that there is a tendency for such pronouncements to develop into more concrete arrangements? In other words, the British Government acquiescing to Spanish whims and expectations.

To others, his analysis of the situation might sound magnanimous, if somewhat over-optimistic, but would it not be that this reflects the quintessential expression of HMG's new 'enlightened' agenda.

The VOGG has given due credit to The Governor on occasions when it has been merited. Notwithstanding, telling the People of Gibraltar what they basically want to hear is just not acceptable. If he expects to continue enjoying the fruits of the kudos he has created for himself then he needs to deliver something meaningful. Therefore, The VOGG demands, in the strongest possible terms, that His Excellency take the matter up with his superiors in London and obtains a clear-cut statement of their intended position, with primary emphasis on 'probable' Spanish interference.

A prompt reply is expected, unlike the previous request which remains unanswered. In the meantime The Group eagerly awaits details of the recent meeting between Tony Blair and Mariano Rajoy.

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