The Voice of
Press Release

13TH. AUGUST 2004.

What is it that makes so many Gibraltarians clutch at whatever straws (no pun intended) dangled in front of their eyes? They are all too ready to blame UK and Spanish politicians, even local ones at times, for The Rock's ills. Yet none of them ever question what part they themselves are playing in the overall 'game'.

This has been the year of 'straws', 'smokescreens' and 'red-herrings'. First came the 'shelving' of the joint-sovereignty proposals, then the 'land-for-peace' deal and recently, the MOD's tercentenary 'celebrations'. Now that these are mere memories, the realities of the state-of-play hit the faces of those who, all along, have preferred to stick their heads in the sand.

The ominous prospect of MOD cut-backs has reared its ugly head once again. Perhaps any confirmation of a reduction in the local workforce will be held-back until after National Day, which time, the habitual sabre-rattling of the illustrious visitors, is also forgotten. On the other hand, a prompt announcement may well be forthcoming, simply to make amends for all those 'insensivities' that so 'offended' the Spaniards. A more than tested F&CO 'tactic' that, will no doubt, dampen the enthusiasm of the 10th. September and bring everyone down from cloud-nine.

The VOGG has carried out a number of protests at MOD installations since Jack Straw's policy statement of 12th. July 2002 and will do so again when deemed appropriate. Likewise, it has supported the Unions, both morally and physically, in their fight to safe-guard their members jobs in the MOD. That support remains as staunch as ever and The Group will be there at all times to assist them in whatever manner they consider opportune.

At the risk of being accused, not for the first time, of, at best 'mischief' and at worst, of being 'scum' and 'the voice of the gutter', The VOGG is content that it has done its best, as a pressure group, to highlight the intricacies of situations, as they develop, at least from its own perspective. When these turn out as predicted, simply because they are obvious and nothing to do with superior intellect, The VOGG is spurred to heighten its campaigning efforts.

For those who do not understand (or do not want to) The Group's agenda, this quote from Abbie Hoffman's 'Revolution for the Hell of It' (about the universal upheavals of 1968), may just about befit them:

'Never explain what you are doing. This wastes a good deal of time and rarely gets through. Show them through your actions. If they don't understand it, 'f...'em', maybe you'll hook them with the next action'.

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