The Voice of
Press Release

13TH. MAY 2003

On the eve of Sir & Lady Duries' departure, The Voice of Gibraltar Group wishes them both a much happier time in retirement than that of their term of office.

The Group has, at no time, felt any personal animosity towards them. All actions have been political against the office of the colonial Governor and representative of the British Government.

It must be the ultimate in naivety for a Governor to expect a problem - free tenure of office whist the People of Gibraltar endure the anxiety of an uncertain future. Any distress comes with the job. If anyone is to blame it is the FCO for placing him in such an untenable position.

A balancing act between 'joint - sovereignty' & 'self - determination' is an impossible task. This Governor has failed miserably, as will his successor, should he arrive with the same brief. 'Bwana' social & ceremonial activities will not lull the majority of Gibraltarians into a false sense of security.

The result of the referendum is Gibraltar's only 'Red - Line'. Whilst the British Government persists with it's policy, The Voice of Gibraltar Group will continue to direct its campaign of protests against the Office of the Governor and wherever appropriate.

Farewell Sir David. The Group will not be present on Thursday to honour your departure.

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