The Voice of
Press Release


The Voice of Gibraltar, once again, congratulates the People of Gibraltar for their fervent support of National Day.

The sight of such an enthusiastic crowd at the rally in Casemates was the greatest encouragement The Group could have wished for to continue with its campaign for the fulfilment of the Rock's unalienable rights.

The highlight of the day for the members of The Group was their chance meeting with Sir Francis Richards and his family (plus the dog) at Alameda Parade. After a casual and friendly chat, His Excellency was congratulated for his appearance and his gesture warmly appreciated. The photograph of the occasion will be a cherished possession and a reminder of the man's disposition towards the Gibraltarians. It is sincerely hoped that the esteem he has earned during his short time here will, by the time he leaves, match that of Sir William Jackson's. However, the Governor can be in no doubt that until such time as Jack Straw's 12th. July 2002 policy statement is reversed, The Voice of Gibraltar Group will vigorously pursue its actions against his Office.

Also seen at the rally was the Deputy - Governor, the epitome of the Foreign Office mandarins in Gibraltar. He feeble attempt at dressing in 'red & white' can only be termed as a public relations exercise for local consumption. He will have to improve considerably on his record during the last governorship if he now expects to be respected and trusted.

The Voice of Gibraltar Group takes this opportunity to publicly thank Kevin Kelway and his Golden Hinde Association/Plymouth Party campaigners for their unwavering commitment to Gibraltar's cause. Everyone can rest assured that they have returned to the UK with the best possible impressions of the People of Gibraltar. A special note of gratitude to the Senior Citizens Association for co - hosting a reception in honour of the Plymouth delegation at their premises in Town Range, where a good time was had by all.

Whilst in no way neglecting its ongoing campaign, The Group now looks forward eagerly to the 2004 tercentenary celebrations and volunteers its assistance to the to organisers/powers that be in whatever manner they may consider appropriate. Credit to the Gibraltar Government for declaring 4th. August 2004 a public holiday, but did anyone expect any less.

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