The Voice of
Press Release

9th. JULY 2004.

The Voice Of Gibraltar Group notes the visit from HMS Tireless and the reassurances of the MoD that the safety of Gibraltar is a prime concern. In this context it is time that GIBPUBSAFE was revised to reflect the circumstances of the local community rather than being a thinly amended version of the Devonport Plan.

Assuming the MoD assurances to be correct, there is more danger to Gibraltar from Jack Straw, the Foreign Secretary than any visiting vessel.

The hysteria of the Spanish Government and media comes as no surprise, following on from their senseless protests about the visit of Princess Anne.
It seems that it is only British submarines that cause a problem in our
British Base, as nothing was said about the recent American nuclear Submarine.

It is strange that having joined NATO that Spain should object to its senior members carrying out an exercise in the Mediterranean, and the consequent movements of assets.

Locally, very little attention is paid to such routine movements. When there were safety concerns regarding the repair of this nuclear submarine something a MoD spokesman said previously would never happen in Gibraltar - It was essential for our Government, representing the people most immediately involved, to be properly informed and independently assured regarding the safety of the works involved.

The wind and noise that emanates from the Spanish foreign ministry and campo politicians jumping on the 'Gib bashing' bandwagon causes less practical nuisance than the emissions from the refinery and industrial works.

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