The Voice of
Press Release

8TH. JANUARY 2004.

The Voice of Gibraltar Group is fully aware of The Governor's motives and efforts, be they personal or professional, in obtaining a New Year's Eve message from Her Majesty The Queen. For whatever reason, thanks are in order.

Whilst appreciating the good intent of her address, it is clearly devalued, when, everyone here knows, all too well, that she will not travel to the Rock in 2004, solely as not to offend Spanish sensitivities. No doubt, Princess Anne will be welcomed by all, as would any other Royal, but nothing compared to a visit by The Sovereign.

If it were not enough for the British Government to show continuous and absolute disdain for the Gibraltarians, they have now 'advised' Her Majesty, constitutionally or otherwise, not to reciprocate the 300 years of unmitigated loyalty afforded to The Crown by those 'who live in Gibraltar'.

Is anyone surprised that on New Year's Eve at Casemates, the recorded message from Safeway's employees received a louder cheer than that of The Queen ?

Let everybody enjoy themselves to their hearts' content during 2004, but bear in mind that Jack Straw's policy statement of 12th. July 2002 is still there. Spanish Foreign Minister, Ana de Palacios, has, likewise, confirmed it to be so and can be set in motion at any time of their choosing. Eyes-wide-shut will only lead back to square one.

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