The Voice of
Press Release

7TH. JULY 2003.

The Voice of Gibraltar Group expresses its great disappointment at the generalised tone of the Europe Minister's message(s) during his visit. Likewise, it considers his forced march up Main Street at best, a joke and at worst, a shameful show of contempt towards the People of Gibraltar, tight schedule or otherwise. He cannot have been surprised if his excessive 'kissing' and very little 'listening' were responded with cries of 'traitor' and 'Judas'. On the other hand, it may well have been that he was so hungry and thirsty that he could not get to The Mount fast enough.

Once more, a UK Minister ignores the legitimate wishes of the Gibraltarians and rams down their throats the British Government's intent of reaching an agreement in principle with Spain. Dr. MacShane may have repeated, 'six or seven times', his/their commitment to the Preamble to the Constitution, but never indicated what happens when any agreement is reached and rejected by the People of Gibraltar. Simply acknowledging that he will look at the House of Assembly Constitutional Proposals leaves the Rock in a never - ending maelstrom.

It must be the ultimate in either ignorance, misinformation or dishonesty, when Dr. MacShane 'informs' the Gibraltarians that his 'friend', Ramon de Miguel, accepts the precept of consent. Thanks, once again to the Spanish Media, everyone here was able to hear, straight from the horse's mouth, what his Spanish counterpart in fact said., i.e. a referendum will only offer the choice between joint - sovereignty or an eternal status quo. So much for democracy in Spain and Dr. MacShane's 'friendship'.

The Minister also referred to the European values of 'tolerance, understanding and the diversity of different attachments (that) would also have to be taken into account'. Absolutely, but it appears that only Gibraltar has to do so whilst Britain and Spain ride roughshod over the people most affected by their respective fascist and 'new - wave' imperialistic plan(s).

The Voice of Gibraltar Group fully endorses the Chief Minister's 'warning' to continue the campaign if a deal is struck.. However and for its part, it will not ease up on its own actions until such time as the Rock's unalienable rights are respected, deal or no deal. Gibraltar's elected representatives can count on the support of The Group at all times in the universal quest for self - determination.

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