The Voice of
Press Release

1st September 2003

The Voice of Gibraltar Group of Gibraltar welcomes the report of the Electoral Commission. In our submission to them we indicated a preference for the South West region. It is also refreshing to see that in this case the Gibraltarians were properly consulted and not simply told what is 'good for us' as was the case with Mr Hain, the previous Governor and others.

Britain and the British can be proud of the thorough job that was undertaken by the Electoral Commission, in particular Kevin Kelway of the Plymouth party who has campaigned strongly for this outcome. We look forward to welcoming him and his delegation to the National Day celebrations.

However, it should not be forgotten that although there is synergy between the South West region and Gibraltar, this is a compromise solution to having our own elected representative and the sovereignty of Parliament itself to decide on this issue is being questioned by the Government of the Kingdom of Spain.

On the 10th September we will again celebrate National day, and call on everyone to 'Fly the flag' this year more than ever because as a result of the publicity a larger contingent of press and VIP's from Parliament are expected.

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