The Voice of
Press Release

1ST. JULY 2003.

The Voice of Gibraltar Group confirms details of its action planned for Friday 4th. July during the visit of the Minister for Europe, Dr. Dennis MacShane MP.

From early morning on the day, members of The Group will be along Main Street distributing leaflets which lists its demands:

  • Retraction of Jack Straw's policy statement of 12 July 02

  • The end of the Brussels Process/no talks on sovereignty

  • A new status for the Rock in line with HoA constitutional proposals, integration, 4th. option or independence

  • Decolonisation through an act of self - determination

  • Upholding Gibraltar's legitimate rights in the EU

  • Legal proceedings against Spain in the EU, whenever necessary (e.g. telephones)

  • No more 'agreements' on Spanish EU vetoes against the Rock and the UK's best endeavours to overturn the present exclusions.

The public are gratefully asked to lend their support by handing the leaflets to the Minister, during his 'walkabout' or at any other opportune moment. When he leaves, he must not be in any doubt as to the strength of feeling in Gibraltar.

At 11.15 a.m., The Group will congregate by 'The Arcade' (north-end of Main Street). A letter will be delivered to Dr. MacShane when he comes by. Then The Group will march up Main Street to meet up with the demonstration organised by the IWBM/RFWVG/KGBG for an act of solidarity and unity.

Let everyone who attends express their feelings in the strongest possible terms but in a way that reflects positively on Gibraltar.

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