House of
Assembly Motion
Regarding the
tercentenary of

Passed Unanimously

4th August 2004

Text of the Motion


This House -

(1) Commemorates and celebrates the 300th Anniversary of British Sovereignty of Gibraltar following the events of 4th August 1704;


Expresses its warmest appreciation to Her Royal Highness The Princess Royal for her recent visit to share with the People of Gibraltar this important landmark in Gibraltar's history;


Remembers with gratitude the courage of the many generations of British servicemen who from 1704 to date have defended, and served in, Gibraltar and celebrates the close links between Gibraltar and the British Armed Forces;


Remembers with gratitude previous generations of Gibraltarians whose suffering, sacrifices, courage and determination established Gibraltar as the homeland of the Gibraltarians;


Remembers with appreciation and affection the many fruits of our 300 years of British Sovereignty and the mutually beneficial relationship between Gibraltar and United Kingdom;


Pledges to resist and oppose any discussion or negotiation against the wishes of the people of Gibraltar for the transfer to Spain of any part of the Sovereignty of Gibraltar;


Asserts the inalienable right to self determination of the people of Gibraltar and calls upon the British Government and the Spanish Government to respect this right, which precludes them from negotiating our future other than at our request and with our consent;
Looks forward to the modernisation of the relationship between Gibraltar and the United Kingdom by the agreement of a new de-colonising constitution providing the maximum possible level of self government and guaranteeing exclusive British Sovereignty over the whole of the territory of Gibraltar for so long as the people of Gibraltar should so desire it.

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