Spain Censors the Internet

Spain persists with her 296 year old claim to recover sovereignty of Gibraltar even though the Gibraltarians unanimously reject that. Instead we affirm our inalienable right to self-determination.

As part of her campaign to recover Gibraltar, Spain, in addition to many other measures of harrasment, operates the border between us in a way that artificially causes unnecessary queues and delays. This despite that both Gibraltar and Spain are in the EU which entitles citizens to freedom of movement.

To bring this harassment to a wider audience, local internet service provider Gibnet Limited have set up a comprehensive Web Camera Site where you can see what happens in near real time from four carefully placed cameras.

HOWEVER Sr Matutes, The Spanish foreign Minister, does not want you to see what happens, so a screen has been erected on the Spanish side to 'cover up' you seeing the delaying tactics used by the Guardia Civil - the Spanish Customs service.

The following photographs were taken on 1st. March 1999 at 16.00. It is interesting to see that there are detailed pictures showing the officers in action on their own web site, shwn below, so they are not really camera shy.

© Jim Watt 1999 What you see is a screen put up
by the Spanish Authorities.

This begs the question,

'What have they got to hide?'

Customs checks at the frontier are carried out by The Guardia Civil.

© Jim Watt 1999 This is what the Spanish want to prevent you seeing, the special delaying tactics used to make the queue on the Gibraltar side up to three hours long.

Note the single car being processed, cars are slowly checked one at a time.

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