Election Night /2000

The General Election was held on 10th February 2000,
The candidates and parties are familiar faces, however
behind the scenes the computers are at work.

The counting process takes all night, and the use of computers
has become popular to track the votes counted and to predict
the final result.

From its beginnings with an Epson HX-20 in 1980 this sport now
involves a number of teams.

The Government IT section prepare statistics on voting pattens. and add up the results of the various counting rooms to produce the official result.

Their computer works so hard that it is in danger of catching fire so they are suitably prepared.

Interactive Systems provide an analysis and prediction of the result for GBC television and the Internet.

The left hand monitor shows the predictions and the right hand one is an off air feed of GBC.

The program runs under DOS and this is its last outing.

The Gibraltar Social Democrats (GSD) analyse the figures from counting agents stationed in the counting rooms and forecast the final result.

The smiles on their faces indicate they like the figures on their screen, which say they will form Government.

The Gibraltar Socialist Labour Party (GSLP) fielded a joint candidature with the Liberal Party were also activly following the result which put them in opposition.

The did however have a Victory with the computer, and produced the best analysis.

And for the first time the local ISP Gibraltar Nynex Communications were at the count updating their election web site in real time.

This shows the official results, and voting statistics produced by the Government IT section, along with links to other related pages.

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