18th March 2002, Practically the whole population of Gibraltar demonstrates. Why?
ANSWER: The British Government proposes to strike a deal with Spain affecting Gibraltar's sovereignty and political rights against the wishes of the Government and people of Gibraltar, WHICH EVEN IF REJECTED BY THE PEOPLE OF GIBRALTAR IN REFERENDUM WILL STAY ON THE TABLE, TO THE POLITICAL PREJUDICE OF GIBRALTAR, AS THE AGREED POSITION BETWEEN THE UK AND SPAIN.
    What is Gibraltar?
  • British since 1704 !
  • Homeland of the people of Gibraltar
  • Financially self-sufficient - costing the UK tax payer nothing
  • A strategic British military base free of charge to the UK taxpayer
  • Self-governing; secure; politically stable; economically prosperous and part of the EU
  • Seven million visitors a year
  • Strategic commercial ship repair facility
  • Biggest ship bunkering port in Mediterranean
  • A successful international finance centre regulated to UK and EU standards
  • A loyal friend to Britain in good and bad times, in peace and war, for 300 years.
  • Gibraltar

   Who should decide our future?
  • The British Government are proposing to do a sovereignty deal with Spain against the wishes of the Gibraltarians. It won't be put into practice if rejected by Gibraltar, BUT IT WILL STILL STAY ON THE TABLE as the agreed position between UK and Spain, to Gibraltar's political prejudice. This would be a sell out.

  • Only the people of Gibraltar have the right to decide their future. Any negotiations or agreements entered into by the British Government against the people's wishes, betrays that right to self determination and therefore breaks international law and a 30 year old constitutional commitment by the British Government.

  • No proposals affecting Gibraltar or its sovereignty should stay on the table if they are rejected by the people of Gibraltar in referendum.

  • Gibraltar is not opposed to reasonable dialogue. But this must be open agenda (i.e. not predetermined to result in Spanish Sovereignty); Gibraltar must be allowed a full and equal participation in any talks; and nothing should survive rejection by the people in referendum.

Gibraltar ... a Rock solid British success story in the Mediterranean.

For further information please email:
write to express support to: The Gibraltar Government Office
Arundel Great Court, 179 The Strand, London WC2R 1EH