Life Line Edward

Bringing aid to Malawi and African children in need

Once in Lilongwe the convoy spend a further seven days waiting for the vehicles and goods donated to be cleared by customs and for the hospitals and orphanages to be visited to be sorted by the local charity.

The convoy heads south towards their first stop at Mlambe hospital where the ambulance and medical equipment are donated. Second stop is at Jacaranda orphanage in Limbe near Blantyre we donate goods and head back north to our third stop at Kankoa orphanage in the small village of Kankoa again goods are donated and as night falls we stop to rest in southern Malawi.

Our fourth visit turns out to be the most arduous part of our journey as the road to Sister Martha's hospital and orphanage, is non-existent, the actual place is in the middle of nowhere and is a long climb up the side of a mountain to the Mozambique, Malawi borders near a town of Namwera. When the convoy arrives Sister Martha states that we are the first convoy ever to reach the orphanage, this is due to it's location. I can well imagine.

The fifth stop is at the village of Nkopola next to lake Malawi, this is the home of Edward whose name was chosen for the charity. We are greeted by the chief of the village and we spend two days in their village. Our sixth stop is at Moa hospital in Moa as in Mlambe we leave our donations of medical equipment and goods. The convoy then heads west towards Lilongwe where we pay our final visit to St Johns school where we donate the remaining educational equipment.

On returning to Gibraltar in November of 1995, G.B.C., the local TV company made a half hour programme on the charities expedition and is televised. A photographic exhibition is also held at the John Mackintosh hall in Gibraltar and the Governor of Gibraltar, Sir Hugo White becomes Patron of the charity.

The total amount of donations to Malawi and Tanzania came to around 80,000 in vehicles and goods.

Due to circumstances out of our control, the planned expedition to Morocco and Mauritania in 1996 had to be cancelled. But medical supplies were taken to the Red Crescent in Tangiers.

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