Life Line Edward

Bringing aid to Malawi and African children in need

In August of 1995 stage one of the expedition starts when the eight vehicles with their loads leave Gibraltar and are driven in convoy to the port of departure which is La Specia in Italy.

The vehicles are then loaded onto a vessel bound to Dar-Es-Salaam the capital of Tanzania.

September of 1995 sees the start of stage two, three men leave Gibraltar to Dar-Es-Salaam about ten days prior to the vessel docking. The reason being in order to clear all paper work for customs and any governmental " red tape ". The vessel arrives ( four days late ) on the 16th of October and the vehicles are off-loaded onto the dockside on the AM of the 17th of October.

Stage three, the main team leave Gibraltar and arrive on the 17th of October in Dar-Es-Salaam. The vehicles require a further five days to clear customs and are finally released on the 21st of October.

The forth stage has now arrived and all the vehicles, drivers ( with four Malawian drivers ) and goods, depart from Dar-Es-Salaam heading towards Malawi. Educational equipment of sixty nine desks, chairs and writing equipment are left for two primary schools in the district of Rombo near the mount Kilamangaro in Tanzania.

The convoy throughout it's journey in Tanzania and in Malawi camped out in the bush.

Just before reaching the Malawi border with Tanzania the convoy stops at an orphanage near the village of Tukuyu which is run by a Rev. Mblase where we donate goods, clothing, and mineral drinks to the children.

The convoy then heads into Malawi. The first two hundred kilometres of the road was a series of pot holes. It was on reaching the town of Livingstonia that the road started to improve. Eighty kilometres from Lilongwe, the capital, one of the lorries meets with an accident when the railing of one of the bridges collapses and the lorry falls twenty feet into a dry river bed. Luckily no-one is seriously hurt and the driver and co-driver are taken to Salima Hospital for treatment. The lorry is a complete right off and is left in situ. The convoy collects the two drivers and continue towards the capital.

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