Life Line Edward

Bringing aid to Malawi and African children in need

In May of 1994 John and Marilyn Lane pay a visit to Malawi, a country in Central South Eastern Africa, to a village called Nkopola near lake Malawi.

Whilst there they meet a boy named Edward who befriends them and helps in any way that he can, the Lanes notice that Edward has ragged clothing and is wearing ill fitting shoes, this seems to be the normal situation in his village and Malawi as a whole.

The hospitals, schools and orphanages are also in a dreadful condition and are devoid of all the necessary basic needs.

On returning to Gibraltar, John and Marilyn decide to start a charity in order to take aid in the form of donations to Malawi and to African children in need.

A name of Life Line Edward is put forward and is adopted for the charity.

The first project for the charity is to take aid to the countries of Malawi and Tanzania. The charity hold their first meeting on the 11th of July and is duly registered by October 1994.

Fund raisers are organised throughout 1994/95 these include raffles, vehicle pulls, horse racing nights, variety shows, jumble sales, tournaments ( such as darts ) and others, flag day etc.

Cash donations are made by sponsors together with various goods donated from local hospitals pharmacists and their suppliers, educational equipment from governmental departments, mineral drinks from different suppliers, freight and forwarding agents from specialist organisations and finally but by no means least, clothing and toys from the people of Gibraltar.

Vehicles are purchased from the M.o.D. sales, they are then modified to suit. these vehicles include Land Rovers, Bedford lorries, and a Land Rover Ambulance. In total eight vehicles are used for the expedition with some left behind for spare parts.

Drivers and personnel change several times due to one reason or another. Eventually fourteen drivers are chosen to participate in the actual expedition.

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