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Since 1870 Gibraltar has been an important transit point for International submarine cables. Gibraltar introduced a telephone service just ten years after its invention by Alexander Graham Bell in 1876. Originally a private enterprise, it became a public service until recently privatised. In 1982 International direct dialling was introduced using a Satellite link as there were no lines through Spain, due to political restrictions. In 1990 a fully digital exchange was introduced. In 2006 Spanish restrictions were dropped under the Cordoba Agreement. The regulator for telecom services is the Gibraltar Regulatory Authority (GRA).
Operating Companies

Gibtelecom The Government joint venture company with landlines and a 2G and 3G mobile service
CTS An emerging private operator with a 3G mobile service.

How to call Gibraltar Numbers

Dial your international access code, usually 00 in Europe, 011 in America, then the country code for Gibraltar which is 350 followed by the number. The international prefix in Gibraltar is 00 for all destinations.

Gibtelecom landlines are in the format 200xxxxx and mobiles 5xxxx000 and 5401xxxx
CTS mobile numbers are in the format 6xxxxxxxx
HM Forces telephone exchange has numbers in the format 53xxx 54xxx 55xxx

Emergency and Services (Free)

112 EMERGENCY ONLY (Mobiles)
190 Fire and Ambulance
100 Operator assistance
150 Speaking clock
155 Community Crime Line
192 Internet problems
193 Faults
8008 Childline

Other Services

20052200 Gibtelecom
58465000 Electricity Faults
20073659 Water emergencies

11811 Local directory enquiries
11888 International directory enquiries

20072500 Royal Gibraltar Police (non emergency)
20079507 Fire Department (non emergency)
20077390 Ambulance Service (non emergency)
20065964 Reporting environmental issues


20079700 St Bernards Hospital
20072355 Primary Care Centre
20072409 King George V
20077003 Health Center
20051254 Royal Naval Hospital
20076681 Mount Alvernia
20072289 Births, Marriages and Deaths
20078193 Companies and trademarks
20071543 Civil Status, Passports, Visa's
Other numbers of interest
20073026 Airport enquiries
20076999 Clamp towaway
20078879 Customs enquiries
20040283 Financial Services commission
20053666 Forces Exchange Operator
20042777 Frontier hot line (queue info)
20078879 Gibraltar Customs Department
20077334 Gibraltar Veternary Clinic
20070071 Government of Gibraltar
20051088 Government Press Officer
20079760 GBC Television and Radio
20040342 Mortuary
20074805 Museum
20051725 Passport Office
20075624 Post Office
20070027 Taxi
20074950 Tourist Office
Using the Internet on your phone

In order to use 3G wireless internet you need to use the following settings for Gibtelecom:

Dial Number : *99#

This works with their Reload PAYG SIM and the contract phones. Consult their website for charges.


The Gibraltar telephone directory contains a full list of landlines and mobile numbers, along with international dialling codes and yellow pages. The publication has increased from some 138 pages in the 1975 edition to the present annual edition of 160 pages in a larger format.
Gibraltar Calling ! ... A History of Telephone Services in Gibraltar 1886-2001 by Malcolm Beanland

This is a fascinating and detailed account of the development of the telephone service in Gibraltar by a former manager of the Government Telephone Departmemnt. 158 page paperback with over 100 photographs from early newspapers, photos, maps and individual private photos never before printed. It details how, at the peak of the Victorian Empire a Gibraltarian entrepreneur started a telephone service, how it was taken over as a public service by the City Council, and how it was later privatised