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The control tower of RAF Gibraltar, the Royal Air Force station.

No military aircraft are currently stationed here, but there are regular visits. The station also functions as the Rock's civilian airport.

The biggest expansion took place during World War II when the runway length was increased using waste rock blasted from the tunnels of Gibraltar.

LXGB 3609N 0521W 15ft ASL 6000ft paved runway intersected by the main road to Spain

Gibraltar is unique in having an international airport a few minutes walk from the town center. Fortunatly for those with baggage, there are taxis and a regular bus service just outside the terminal building.

Gibraltar airport is classified as a Category 3 British Regional airport under Directive 83/416/EEC of 25 July 1983 which regulated the authorisation of scheduled inter-regional air services of the transport of passengers, mail and cargo.

The Passenger Terminal offers an array of display screens throughout the Terminal with up-to-the-minute flight information. You can also find two cafes/snack bars in the Upper Level Lounge and Departures Lounge, where a selection of drinks and hot/cold snacks are served. The Peninsula Lounge offers complimentary drinks and newspapers to Club Class passengers.

Duty-free shopping is an attractive option for anyone arriving or leaving the Rock, with shops available in both areas.

When the frontier with Spain was closed the airport was a lifeline for Gibraltar. Since it re-opened, it has become a valuable asset to the tourist industry in Gibraltar and the Costa del Sol.

Restrictions on flight movements introduced by the Spanish Government were removed with the Cordoba Agreement in 2006. A daily service by Iberia to Madrid started operation. However it was to be short lived for economic reasons, as was the service by Air Andalus.

There is no lack of airline tickets to the Gibraltar International Airport which currently sees over a million visitors annually, and will see further expansion when the new 100m terminal comes on line in 2011.

Currently there are daily scheduled services to and from the United Kingdom airports of Luton, Gatwick, Heathrow and Manchester operated by British Airways, Monarch Airlines, and Easyjet.

© Jim Watt, 2005

© Jim Watt, 2005

© Jim Watt, 2005